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Growing field teams in the age of remote working

A guide to moving away from spreadsheets and into digitisation

Are you managing a field team and feeling the limitations of spreadsheets? Do you need a modern solution that enables you to manage your team more effectively, track sales data in real-time, and communicate with team members quickly and easily? If so, the Opmetrix eGuide is here to help.

With the increasing number of businesses discovering that a remote sales team is key to expanding their reach and boosting their revenue, the importance of mobile CRM platforms cannot be overstated. Implementing a purpose-built, specialised CRM platform for your field teams will enable you to manage those teams more effectively, gaining efficiencies and boosting productivity.


You'll learn more about:

  • The importance of remote sales teams in modern business
  • Key challenges facing field teams
  • Why technology is a key enabler of successful field sales teams
  • What a mobile CRM solution does that spreadsheets can't
  • Keeping everyone up to date with communication and collaboration
  • How to find the best solution for your business by focusing on what matters
  • How to implement a mobile CRM solution and get it right from the start


With a mobile CRM solution, you can enjoy benefits that spreadsheets simply cannot match. Information sharing, managing team and customer interactions, reporting for managers and reps, and valuable insights that empower your field team are just a few examples. So, if you're ready to move away from spreadsheets and embrace technology to grow your field teams, this eGuide is for you.

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